Live Books are printed books for kids, picture books for coloring, in which the characters come to life right on the pages of the book in augmented reality with a help of a smartphone and a special mobile application. The characters speak in different languages, dance, sing, tell stories, you can touch them and manage them, as well as take amazing selfie photos.

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Install mobile app

Download the apps for free from both stores (IOS/Android)

Activate mobile app

Activate the app using the QR code on the books back cover, tutorial has all the information you need to get this done!.

Point you camera

Hold and point your camera to the book pages to whitness the unique experience!

Play and have fun

Interact with the 4D characters when they come live on your screen for more extraordinary experiencing!

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Download new languages for the audio track in dubbing figures.

Android and iPhone

Requirements for uninstalling phone: Android 4.0 and higher, and higher, iPhone 4, iPad 2 and up

In Demo mode, you can make sure that your phone does not support mobile applications

Play mode

Characters come to life right on the page. Take a photo or selfie with any characters. Share in social networks.

Additional Features

Go into the game mode, one button. Some applications support transfer mode color mode virtual reality, and so forth


Live Book


The coloring book with the “live” characters! Paint the pictures and play with the favorite heroes! They talk, dance and sing right on the pages of the book. Beautiful Princess Lucy, funny kitten, brave puppy, and wise owlet respond to the touch and repeat the words you say! Change their mood and appearance, take pictures with them and enjoy the animated book!


Live Book


The coloring book with virtual buttons! Enjoy the ancient times of brilliant fights and battles and meet real knights right on the pages of the book! Control the characters of the book - the brave knight Arthur and his faithful friends, little tiger and fearless mentor Lancelot. Paint, play with the characters and learn the fighting techniques! Help them to beat out the evil knight Vader and take a picture with any character you like!


Live books


Here is an unusual book about dinosaurs. You can not just paint pictures of dinosaurs, but also learn a lot about them, will reveal the great mystery of these unusual animals, as well as through mobile applications will be able to observe these unusual creatures right on the pages of this book, coloring, hear their terrible roar, and even play with them!

Cool Cars

Live Book

Cool Cars

Learn, play and paint right on the pages of the coloring book! This is your own car park with underground parking and 3D cars looking like real thing. Learn about the modern car models and paint them. Download a mobile app to animate a 3D car garage! Control the cars by using your smartphone as a joystick and enjoy the world of animated cars.

Underwater World

Live book


Comin Soon